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Free 3D stl file repair service

An STL format, commonly called a 3D print file, is the keystone of 3D printing: if you do not have a clean, faultless and non-corrupt file, we will unfortunately not be able to print your 3D project. Here are the key stages to guide you step by step in the free analysis, verification and repair of your STL file.

Identify a damaged 3D file

Before printing an STL file in 3D, it is necessary to check its quality. If the software used to print in 3D cannot read the 3D file and indicates that it is not printable, it means it is corrupt.

A 3D print file can contain errors when exporting from a modelling format (.obj, .skp, .step, .fbx, .vrml, .3ds, .3dm, .CATPart…) to the 3D print format used: the .STL format. The shape mesh may be damaged and cannot be used by the 3D print software. This fault needs to be repaired.

But beforehand, an essential step is the diagnosis of the STL file. For that, we are going to explain how to proceed using the appropriate software.

Diagnosis of an STL file

There is software capable of analyzing the quality of an STL file and of extracting the main faults to be corrected. The most common file repair software is: Magics, Meshlab, Netfabb or MeshMixer. The complete analysis of the file will check the shape of the object and detect any faults by examining:

  • The tangents (direction of the material)
  • The anchorage points
  • The envelope
  • The free or open edges
  • Holes and their flatness
  • Triangles, their number and intersections
  • Overlaps
  • The thickness of the walls...

After this diagnosis, the CAD software you use will extract the errors to be corrected. Should you not have your own CAD software to analyze your file, x3D Print can run a free diagnosis.

Stl file repair service

When the diagnosis of the 3D print file has been run it is necessary to repair the file. If you have a repair software like Magics for example, there is an “Automatic repair” function (Go to FIX tab > Fix Wizard). This saves you from having to manually restore your file for each individual fault. The repair process covers different actions such as:

  • Detection of problems
  • Separation of elements
  • Analysis of collectors
  • Repair of non-manifold elements by correcting edges and single connecting points
  • Repair of intersection fault

Once your 3D file is repaired, make sure that your STL file contains no errors, by double checking your file.

Free 3D stl file repair service

If you do not have CAD software allowing you to automatically repair your 3D print files, x3D Print offers a free diagnosis and repair of your file at no extra cost.

FREE: Repair your 3D file